Being stingy V.S being frugal

This blog entry is inspired by some of the comments on the Facebook post that made Richmond “famous”. There was a small debate going on about the difference between being stingy and being frugal, and I would like to supplement my point of view to the two concepts.

Let me tell you more about Richmond and his character. I didn’t think there was a full introduction about him in the previous post, because it only mentioned his frugal habits.

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My lemonade stands

Having no background or knowledge in anything remotely close to the word “Finance”, it has never really stopped me from wanting to learn more about it. With the internet so heavily integrated into our daily lives, it is not difficult to learn an entirely new topic from scratch.

YouTube has always served as a powerful tool for me to gain knowledge. The above video was something that I have watched over the weekend and I am sure that it would be useful to beginners who want to know more about Fundamental Analysis. It was an engaging 44 minutes and I highly encourage anyone who is a literate idiot to finance, investing, or how a business operates to watch it.

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Buy Term, Invest the Rest? (BTIR) – The Ultimate Insurance Guide for Beginners (Part 2)

Click here for Buy Term, Invest the Rest? (BTIR) – The Ultimate Insurance Guide for Beginners (Part 1)!

In yesterday’s blog post, I mentioned about the amount of returns that I needed to generate if I were to adopt the Buy Term, Invest the Rest strategy. The annual yield of 1.37% was unbelievably true. Needless to say, I took comfort in my own numbers and decided to purchase a term plan.

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Buy Term, Invest the Rest? (BTIR) – The Ultimate Insurance Guide for Beginners (Part 1)

Click here to access Buy Term, Invest the Rest? (BTIR) – The Ultimate Insurance Guide for Beginners (Part 2)!

Earlier this year, I met up with my financial consultant (a.k.a insurance agent) on the various insurance coverage that I needed. The only protection that I had was a H&S plan. She recommended that everyone should at least have a whole life plan which will allow you to take back part of your paid premiums.

Before committing to anything, I continued to do more reading regarding the importance of insurance and the types of insurance that were available on the market. There are a few websites that compare the different insurance plans and their prices so that consumers can make an informed choice based on their needs. It is needless to say that through my research, I have also learnt about the concept of “Buy Term, Invest the Rest” and how everyone seems to be raving about it. My real concern was if this was a feasible approach and was it really that easy to implement.

Let me do a quick summary about my findings.

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Are you penny wise but pound foolish?

I refer to this post from Consumerism Commentary about being penny wise but pound foolish. Becoming frugal to me has become a habit in my daily life, but sometimes, there are things that we should not avoid spending on. Otherwise, we might end up having to pay a bigger price for it. I see this happening to some of my own friends, and I would like to share their experiences in my blog to give you a clearer picture of what it means to be penny wise but pound foolish.

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Increasing cash flow for yourself

Asian engineer power yo!!!! :p

The idea of increasing cash flow for yourself is to have multiple streams of income from different places. An interesting point that I would like to highlight is that one of the sources of his income actually comes from credit card points. In Singapore, I guess a more common term that we use would be “rebate”. The reason why I chose to talk about this is because this is something that I think everyone can leverage from. Continue reading “Increasing cash flow for yourself”

Girls can be Engineers too!

Some of you might have dropped by my “About” page and know that I am a female engineer. Ever since I graduated from school and started going for interviews, it is not uncommon that I receive this question from interviewers.

“Why are you a female and you took up an engineering course?”

You’ll be surprised that even the interviewers might be females themselves, holding a similar engineering degree.

Some of you reading might also be female engineers and you will be nodding in agreement when I say that this is a typical stereotype that people generally have. Girls usually go into careers like Human Resources, Finance, Accountancy and mainly other business related courses.

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