Cheap and Good – $630 ALL-IN 8D7N SG to Thailand Land Trip!

I am back in Singapore!!!

Holidays are tiring. Despite what people say about being refreshed after going on a vacation, I always feel even more sian (lethargic?) to come back. The holiday mood never seems to go away and I’m always looking forward to the next one. :p And the jet lag is here to stay for some time at work even though it is just a 2.5 hours flight :p

This trip, however, should most likely be the last for me in 2017 as I’ve allocated most of my fun money to it. It was a very fulfilling one! BF and I traveled by land all the way from our sunny island, Singapore, to the land of smiles. I got the idea from Richmond initially as he did the same last year and again just 2 weeks before my trip. Who better to seek advice for budget traveling, eh! He even bought some of the tickets for the transportation for me while he was there. This is definitely an experience and something to tick off my bucket list. We also stayed well within our budget. I am so proud of us! ^_^

As you should have noted from the title, I have stated that I have spent $630 all-in for this trip. Well, not to the exact dollar but it should be a good figure. The exact expenditure for both me and BF is $1,260.57. (I hope I didn’t miss out on anything!) Nothing to shout about because our expenses in fact could have been lesser. We decided to stay in a slightly better hotel while we were in Ipoh due to its highly accessible location. Transportation wise, we booked a car for the two days we were in Ipoh and it saved us a lot of travelling time, although we could have reduced the car rental to just one day with better planning. We decided to eat in a few pricier restaurants and spent some portion of our expenses on entertainment like massages and movies.

I hope the featured image at the top of this post caught your attention. That collage is probably just a mere 20%- nay, scrap that- 10% of all the awesome food we have consumed over the entire trip. I am surprised to find that I only gained 1 kilogram when I returned to Singapore (Heng ar…). We practically went crazy and spammed. Was on the verge of getting sick from it. Worth every calorie though. Now I can die with no regrets. :p

Not to also mention, I couldn’t resist all the goodies that were in Bangkok!


My share of the loot ^_^

I didn’t actually do much shopping for myself and most of the food items were to be distributed to my family members and relatives. This is the first time I went overseas and bought ZERO clothes! The temptation is real, my friend. I finally got sucked in and got myself three pairs of shoes for a really really good deal at 380 baht (SGD$15.51)! What to do… They had a sale ongoing at Buy Two Get One Free. :p

Here’s our itinerary in case you would like to go on this adventure yourself 🙂


Click image to zoom

A simple breakdown of the expenses below. Note that the prices are in SGD for the pre-bookings. Our exchange rates are as the following in case you would like to calculate backwards the actual price of each item.

1 SGD = RM3.11

1 SGD = 24.5 Baht



Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Bus – Larkin – Ipoh $20.90 $10.45
Air ticket – BKK-SG $161.31 $80.65
Train – Ipoh – Padang Besar $34.78 $17.39
Train – Padang Besar – Hatyai $5.71 $2.86
Night train – Hatyai – BKK $73.47 $36.73
Car Rental $104.15 $52.08
Total $400.32 $200.16


Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Ipoh (2 nights) $99.44 $49.72
Bangkok (3 nights) $138.74 $69.37
Total $238.18 $119.09

Trip expenses

Transition from Singapore – Larkin Terminal (Johor Bahru) – Ipoh (Day 1)

Total (RM) Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Transportation 4 $1.29 $ 0.64
Food 31 $9.97 $ 4.98

Ipoh (Day 2)

Total (RM) Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Food 102.95 $33.10 $ 16.55
Entertainment 34 $10.93 $ 5.47
Loot 30.8 $9.90 $ 4.95
Miscellaneous 16.2 $5.21 $ 2.60

Ipoh (Day 3)

Total (RM) Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Food 163.1 $52.44 $ 26.22
Tourist attraction 80 $25.72 $ 12.86
Miscellaneous 12.85 $4.13 $ 2.07

Transition from Ipoh – Padang Besar – Hatyai Junction (Day 4)

Total (RM) Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Transportation 30 $9.65 $ 4.82
Food 25 $8.04 $ 4.02

Hatyai Junction – Sleeper train – Bangkok (Day 4/Day 5)

Total (Baht) Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
SIM card 140 $5.71 $ 2.86
Food 459 $18.73 $ 9.37

Bangkok (Day 5)

Total (Baht) Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Transportation 178 $7.27 $ 3.63
Food 703 $28.69 $ 14.35
Entertainment 240 $9.80 $ 4.90
Loots 1260 $51.43 $ 25.71

Bangkok (Day 6)

Total (Baht) Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Transportation 448 $18.29 $ 9.14
Food 863 $35.22 $ 17.61
Entertainment (Massage) 600 $24.49 $ 12.24
Loots (Supermarket) 2173 $88.69 $ 44.35

Bangkok (Day 7)

Total (Baht) Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Transportation 188 $7.67 $ 3.84
Food 1732 $70.69 $ 35.35
Entertainment (Massage) 600 $24.49 $ 12.24
Loots 159 $6.49 $ 3.24

Bangkok (Day 8)

Total (Baht) Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Transportation 530 $21.63 $ 10.82
Food 594 $24.24 $ 12.12
Tourist attractions 200 $8.16 $ 4.08
Miscellaneous 20 $0.82 $ 0.41

Overall Summary

Total (SGD) One pax (SGD)
Transportation $466.12 $233.06
Accommodation $238.18 $119.09
Food $281.12 $140.56
Entertainment $69.71 $34.86
Loot $156.51 $78.26
Tourist attractions $33.88 $16.94
Miscellaneous $15.05 $7.53
Total $1,260.57 $630.29

If you would like more details about my trip, please leave a comment below. I’ll be glad to help! ^_^

Thanks for reading!

Miss Niao xoxo

Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @! :)

9 thoughts on “Cheap and Good – $630 ALL-IN 8D7N SG to Thailand Land Trip!”

  1. Love how you visited 2 instead of 3 countries! Not enough people do that! Mind posting something on the Hatyai sleeper train when you’re free? That’s new stuff to me! Coincidentally, I visited Ipoh last year, and Bangkok the year before, so many of the places you visited reminded me of my trip. I’m sure you had a good one!


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