Miss Niao’s Portfolio Numbers Revealed

I’ve received a request from Matthew Seah for details on my portfolio. I did not realize that the settings for my existing portfolio at StocksCafe was private by default. Well then, I guess I’m ready for that to change.

I’ve updated my portfolio preferences to be open to everyone, but with the exact figures and transactions unrevealed still. This way, you can see what holdings I currently have and how my portfolio is doing overall.

There are a few reasons why I chose to do this.

Firstly, I want to be transparent with my readers. There is no point for me to blog about all this information and be a NATO. I don’t think it would be fair for you to come here and read about someone who doesn’t do what she preaches, and neither do I want to cultivate this habit in any way.

Secondly, I want to keep an open mind when investing. Knowing my current holdings, any one can question my abilities and choices as an investor. At the same time, I can also learn from other investors and develop an open platform for information sharing. The day that I will lose in the stock market is not when I lose money, but when I forget about humility and become complacent.

Lastly, I want to encourage new readers or investors that it is never too late to make a change in your life. No matter what age you are when reading this, the time to start making a positive impact to your life is now. There is no such thing as being too late, only later. Just like how a building is constructed, we all have to start from the bottom, and I want you get a glimpse of how I construct my building. 🙂

Click here to access my portfolio! I am under the alias of cheez185 and you can also request to follow me if you have an existing account. I’ve also added a new page called “Portfolio” at the Menu bar (top of my blog site) that will link to my portfolio. Have fun!

For more blog updates, you can choose to click “Follow” on the right side bar to receive an email notification every time there is a new blog post. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Miss Niao xoxo


Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @ missniao.wordpress.com! :)

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