January 2018 – Portfolio Updates

January brings much news to the market. I’ve read many articles about how everyone is anticipating for a stock market crash, and that a correction would be due soon. Unfortunately for some people (or fortunately for me), I have also read many articles about cryptocurrency, and its crash has been more apparent and realized much earlier than the current bull run that I am experiencing.

My views on cryptocurrency? My comments may seem way overdue, since everyone has been talking about it since a long time ago. Well, I have a friend who is rather close to me that – I quote – “thrown money” into it to see how it will go. When I probed him further about what cryptocurrency is all about, it was presented to me in a form of language that I could not comprehend. Yes, he was speaking English, but somehow I still could not understand what it was all about. I must credit him for trying, really.

I remember blogging about why I do not buy gold, and why buying commodity companies would be a better bet. If you haven’t read that article, or watched that video, you should. You get to see how Uncle Warren thinks, for a short moment. Some may argue that commodities might be another form of asset class, and I couldn’t disagree. But would you also agree with me that cryptocurrencies are like commodities, in the same way as if you have bought gold?

So if I don’t buy gold, or trade in the Forex market (story for another day), then why would I buy cryptocurrency?

This also brings me to my recent buy in Indofood Agri. I have received some comments, both online and IRL about how the income of commodity companies are being affected by government policies and price fluctuations of the commodities themselves. (Did you know that 93% of Indofood Agri’s earnings are domestic?) I have to admit that I know nuts about macroeconomics, and their comments kept me more on my toes. I am still willing to wait to see if my analysis was correct, and the price has now increased to 6.57% to 39.5 cents from my buying price.

Let’s move on to my other holdings.

As I’ve said, and you know too, that with the ongoing bull run, it would seem like money is easy to make, and optimism is undeniably brought to the markets. Thus, the intrinstic value of some of the stocks that I hold has also been slowly revealing.

Keong Hong is going XD in February after announcing a dividend payout of 1.75 cents. That accounts to a 3.6% yield for me. What’s even more amazing is that I have a gain of 35.76% in less than one year. This stock is by far the biggest gain in my portfolio.

Next comes Tat Seng Packaging with a 24.31% gain, and in third place is First REIT at a 12.6% gain including distributions.

The black horse in my portfolio is ComfortDelgro as its share price has increased significantly over the last month since releasing some nice news. A 15%+ paper loss has now reduced to 6.1% with dividends. This increase of course, has helped boost my overall portfolio performance to…

10.76% Paper Gain + 2.02% Dividends (Total 12.78%)


Time weighted returns of 4.88% against the STI ETF at 4.14%.

Should I start selling my holdings? I will contemplate further, and hopefully my decision doesn’t come along too late. Currently, I have a war chest of about 70% of my entire portfolio waiting to be deployed. Of course, these numbers are puny, which is why the percentage points seem high. Another reason is also because I’ve haven’t had the chance to buy any new stocks for the past 2 months, but with constant income from work.

And now, patience we must have again.


Dividends collected:

Nikko AM STI ETF – 1.94% ($83.46)

AIMSAMP Cap Industrial REIT (Advanced distribution) – 1.37% ($70.67)

Upcoming dividends in February:

First REIT – 1.63% ($83.85)

Starhill Global REIT – 1.54% ($77.22)

Keong Hong – 3.6% ($182)

YTD Dividends collected: $154.13

Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @ missniao.wordpress.com! :)

11 thoughts on “January 2018 – Portfolio Updates”

  1. Dear Ms. Niao,

    Congrats to starting your investing journey early. Starting young gives you a head start to ride the power of compounding as time is on your side.

    I am also invested in Comfortdelgro similar to your average price too. Just holding for its dividends.
    As you grow your portfolio, you can consider adding more counters to diversify.
    Also, any reason you chose Nikko AM Sti Etf over Spdr?
    I personally prefer spdr due to its lower tracking error and expense ratio , probably due to spdr having higher Fund size.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello EOTS,

      Thanks for your kind words. Actually, the reason why I bought Nikko AM STI ETF was more of a coincidence. I started DCA with OCBC BCIP and it only offered this counter instead of SPDR’s. But you are right with the above points about SPDR. 🙂


  2. Congratulations to your first for your unrealized gains! I’m sure soon it will turns into handsome realized profit 🙂

    On a side note, I believe there is a difference between commodity and cryptocurrency.

    While it is similar that for both situation, one owns nothing but numbers on your screen which is waiting for price movement. But the key here is that, one is tied onto something while the I’d say that the most of the latter is tied onto hope. Being a someone who is involved with cryptocurrency, I’d still say that 90% of what you see in that market is hope and false hope while the other 10, I’d give a smile, while wait for time to tell me what it exactly is 🙂

    Nonetheless, I’m very amazed and impressed with the 70% up there.

    It seemed that you’re very well geared up for Mr Bear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Only if I plan to sell! Well I would say that both commodities and cryto don’t have an intrinsic value, unlike buying into a company which can make more money from the money you’ve invested. To each its own, I guess. 🙂


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