February 2018 – Portfolio Updates

The stock market has been crazy volatile this month. Oh my goodness. For the first time in 7 months, this will be the first portfolio update of my blog that marks history.

I have to report a negative time-weighted return of -0.87% against STI ETF of 3.56% as of 28th February.

Which technically means that I’ve lost money in the stock market since the beginning of this year!

1. Keong Hong

Despite P/E constantly decreasing ever since their earnings report was released (it is currently at a mere ratio of 2.19), the price continued to decrease just as well. From a 35% gain to a 22.9% gain now in my portfolio, it still remains the highest profit. I have also collected a good amount of dividends from this counter this month.

2. Tat Seng Packaging

Doing very well with just a 2% drop in paper gain since January to 21%. I believe that out of all the companies that I have purchased, this is my favourite counter of all. If you have time, take a look and you will see that they have healthy cash flow with a strong balance sheet. They have also announced that they will be penetrating into the China market and setting up new operations.

Very happy with this company.

3. Indofood Agri

Previously reported a 6+% paper gain and it actually went up to 10+% before, but now it is now in the red at -8.27%. Because this is one of my largest holdings and takes up 17.79% of my entire portfolio, the impact is great. Really, really great. Nevertheless, a weakness in price would be advantageous to me.

I am still very optimistic about this counter. It has recently acquired a sugar mill in Brazil for a 50% stake and I hope that it will offer more diversification to their operations and products. But anyway, we’ll see. For its current price of $0.34, I have to say that it is a real steal.

4. ComfortDelgro

Still announced the same dividend payout as last year. It is expected that earnings will drop since last year, and I think many of the shareholders of CDG are still waiting to see how things will turn out. Or rather, just me. :p The price as fluctuated back and closed at a nice price of $2 with a -13% gain for me. I am still sane.

Okay, these are just the few counters that I wanted to talk about. This month’s dividend collection wasn’t too bad either. With some uncertainty in the markets now, I am looking hard for opportunities at great prices. Though a bit disappointed that my portfolio is underperforming, but it is still early in 2018 to predict what might happen at the end of the year.


Dividends collected:

First REIT – 1.63% ($83.85)

Starhill Global REIT – 1.54% ($77.22)

Upcoming dividends in March:

Keong Hong – 3.6% ($182)

AIMSAMP Cap Reit – 0.54% ($26.27)

YTD Dividends collected: $315.20


Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @ missniao.wordpress.com! :)

One thought on “February 2018 – Portfolio Updates”

  1. Hang in there Miss Niao, and stick to your strategy. It’s very early days yet so don’t be too disappointed about underperformance yet! If you’re happy with your current holdings, and keeping on the lookout for more opportunities, that’s all you can do 🙂


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