March 2018 – Portfolio Updates

The first quarter of 2018 is gone. Like February, I did not touch my portfolio at all. STI this month was crazy volatile, but I did not see much opportunity in my personal opinion. I did monitor some stocks to see if they will drop to the right price, one of them being Singtel which is now in the $3.3x range.

I believe that my patience is getting slightly better ever since facing some downfalls and mistakes since last year. Pain is very unforgettable to me, but such pain is good. I hope it doesn’t fade away too soon. I haven’t bought a stock for 3 months. That is a really long time! I am starting to wonder if my funds are fully utilized.

So some interesting news was announced. There is the ignition of a trade war possibly because of the tariffs set by DT. Uber is also leaving Grab to take care of SEA. Seeing my portfolio fluctuating up and down by a a few percentage points every week was a real eye (and maybe, heart) opener.

There are many of my counters who have declared their dividend payout.

1) Tat Seng Packaging

Final dividend payout remains at 2 cents as compared to the year before. I think it’s not too bad considering that this amounts to a 3% yield for me. There will be another payout for 2018, and I am hoping that it would be a pleasant surprise. ($160)

2) Comfortdelgro


As mentioned in the last portfolio update, this dividend payout also translate to a 2.6% yield for me. I am still waiting for more news from the government about their measures on this anti-competition issue. Nevertheless, I am happily waiting while collecting $133.10 in May. 🙂

3) Indofood Agri

I am very glad that Indofood Agri has announced their dividend payout at 0.7 cents per share. They have been paying dividends since 2012 and have increased this payout since 2016. In fact, the dividend yield has increased by almost 40% since last year (in 2017, it was 1.33% and currently at 2.19% based on share price of $0.32).

Credits from StocksCafe

No doubt, it was due to the huge drop in its share price. Did I mentioned before that they have a lot of cash? It’s a good lot that is satisfying enough for me. Both BF and I get $94.50 at a yield of 1.89%.

And as tradition, I’ll announce my time-weighted returns. -2.29% against STI ETF of 0.91%. The gap is getting closer, people!

Will prices drop even further? I’m praying it would!

Dividends collected:

Keong Hong – 3.6% ($182)

AIMSAMP Cap Reit – 0.54% ($26.27)

Upcoming dividends in April:

Tat Seng Packaging – 3% ($160)

YTD Dividends collected: $523.47

Let me know in the comments below if you will be interested to know about my watchlist stocks, so that I can do a separate blog post about it. 😉

Miss Niao xoxo.

Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @! :)

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  1. Hey Miss Niao,

    Chanced upon your blog and really liked the content that you have been sharing (Esp on the post on “How it feels like to date someone frugal”, somehow its exactly what Im doing now to my GF). Looking forward to learn more from you and see you achieve your goals!



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