Expense Review – H1 Y2018

July has been an insanely busy month for me. I had to travel overseas twice in a single month for the first time.

The first trip was for business, and in fact, my very first one too. I went to China to meet up with some other Shanghai colleagues to attend a “camp”. From there, I’ve visited our in-house factory and see for myself how the products that I had been developing are made and assembled together. Makes my job more fulfilling to see how my contributions are materialized.

10 days after landing in Singapore from China, I’m repacking my luggage for the next challenge in my life.

The second trip was a personal vacation with a group of friends. This trip was crazy tiring because it was my first time going hiking. Like, legit hiking – not Bukit Timah hiking. I was so proud of BF and myself when we finally managed to reach the summit of Mount Merbabu, and now I have something else to strike off my bucket list!

Tired af but we’re at the summit!

We didn’t expect that the climb would be so difficult and there were a couple of times when we had to use a belay to either climb up or down the volcano. Not cool because one slip of footing can literally send you to heaven.

Still, we managed to conquer it and we officially have bragging rights now. I’m a survivor!

I’ll put more details of that trip and the cost breakdown in a future blog post for reference.

Anyway, it’s already almost the end of July and Miss Niao is more than 1 year old! Phew!

I’m so glad that people are reading my blog still although I have been super inactive. My daily schedule is packed to the brim and I am thinking if I should reduce some of my side activities next year so that I can take a longer breather. I was never used to staying at home for long periods of time, but I can feel that my body is changing physically, and I can’t seem to chiong long periods of work anymore.

And although being busy, budgeting has always been my priority in life. Someone I met recently asked if I have any hobbies, and I actually told them that my hobby is saving money. Am I a boring person? Am I?

You might have known that I’ve been keeping track of my expenses and did a quarterly review for my expenses a few months ago. Now, it’s the time of the year again for a review.

And drum rolls for the numbers…..

(Bear in mind that the numbers only include expenses from 1st Jan to 30th June.)



As you can see, the biggest chunk of my expenses still go to Family, which mainly includes the allowance that I give my mum and other essential stuff that I’ve been paying for her around the house. Not to mention her renewed H&S plan that I also took responsibility. That increases my fixed expenses by $1,385 annually.


Food, being a major weakness of mine stands at 18.83% which accounts to about $354.86 per month. I was pretty surprised at the numbers since I have been eating quite well, but at the same time have also been trying to prepare my own lunches for work. That probably helped with bringing the costs down.


It actually costs me almost 4 bucks to travel from my home to my workplace and vice versa. Can you believe that? On a typical 20-day work month, that amounts to a good $80. Not to mention some lunching out that require a bus trip or two. I have also been cabbing once in a awhile so yeah, I’ve taken the blame. Miss Niao is nagging me behind my brain now.


Next comes vacation expenses which of course, is part of my fun fund (FF). The numbers include the flight tickets and hiking equipment that we have bought for our trip to Indonesia in July.

I am expecting that vacation expenses will double in the next half of the year as I will be going to Taiwan in October with all-paid expenses for my mum and grandma, courtesy of moi.


I try to keep entertainment costs as low as possible, and only buy clothes/shoes/bags when necessary while in Singapore. These also include the movies that me and BF watch on an occasional date night out.

Here’s s a really nice chart to show how much I save in comparison to my expenses.


Currently, my savings rate hover around 65% to 70% of my entire income.

What now?

With my original goal of $18,000 and my expenditure for the first half of the year at $11,305.78, I am at 62.81% there. If I double my expenditure as a ball park figure for the next half of the year, my total expenses for the year will be $22611.56.

I will exceed my budget by $4611.56 (25.61%). That is one-fourth of my budget goal.

It is evidently clear to me now that having a budget of $18,000 is not possible for me to achieve it, but I will try to bring the figure down to $21,000 with an increase of 16.67% instead. Therefore, $21,000 of annual expenses will be my new goal until the end of 2018.

How were your expenses for 2018?

Until the next blog post!

Miss Niao xoxo

Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @ missniao.wordpress.com! :)

15 thoughts on “Expense Review – H1 Y2018”

  1. Hello Miss Niao,

    I think there is an error in your Monthly Insurance expenses. It should be less than $300.

    How were my expenses for 2018?

    Category Total Spending
    Home $410.77
    Transport $421.80
    Parents $3,600.00
    Gifts and Donations $570.25
    Food $1,408.10
    Vacation $354.80
    Entertainment $710.37
    Insurance $3,817.18
    Personal Care $133.20

    Total $ 11,426.47

    Pretty similar to yours.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello yes it is. I saw the mistake but was lazy to change the pic. It was divided by 6 instead of 12 months πŸ˜€
      Very nice! +/- $100 margin from my expenses. Looks like our lifestyles are pretty similiar πŸ˜€


      1. Hi Ms Niao,

        The breakdown is as follows:

        Family Allowances – 60%
        Personal Expense (Inclusive Of A Family HK Trip for 4 in the early 2018) – 30%
        Voluntary CPF Contribution Top-Up – 10%


        Liked by 1 person

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