July 2018 – Portfolio Updates

The second half of the year has started and it looks like things are becoming less bleak in the stock market. Through much volatility in the past few months, Mr. Market (a.k.a STI) has recovered slightly back to where he had started from the beginning of 2018, with its time-weighted return coming up at -0.33%, and an actual decrease of 0.94% (From 3489.45 to 3281.36).

My portfolio is not too far away, though I was expecting to do better than the STI. It now has -4.74% in terms of time-weighted return. XIRR is at -8.33% omigosh. (Dated 1st July… I think.)


On the bright side, I still have a positive P&L from my investments last year.

Monthly dividends wise, due to a recent added position in Valuetronics, I have managed to bump up this year’s collected dividends to $2,069.05 by the end of July (based on Ex-Dates). Considering that we’re already in Q3 of the year, that amount is more than triple of what we have collected in 2017, which was a total of $667.07. It’s prolly gonna go into our expenses for the Taiwan trip in November.



I have been taking up bigger positions in my buy trades. Just this week, I bought some shares of AEM when the price dropped more than 30% in two mere days (!) due to the management prospecting dimmer earnings in 2019. With my purchase price at an average of $0.752 (including commission fees), I saw good opportunity to accumulate some shares and it now stands just below Valuetronics at 13.07% of my portfolio.

To be honest, this current price is not an ideal margin for me to enter and it really depended on the parameters that I used. They also performed a few acquisitions during this period of time. Nevertheless, I stay vigilant and will look out for a good entry price again to increase my holdings. P/E of 5.5? Anything lower than that would be a much bigger bonus.

Of course, please take my words lightly. A P/E of 5.5 should never be the only reason why you buy a stock, although without a doubt, it will make my head turn… or eyes…

Technology stocks are so much wilder (more volatile) than my other holdings! They’re like the bad asses that say idgaf to Mr. Market and makes him panic most of the time, with me on the benches hoping that he’ll make some silly decisions along the way.


Moving forward, it will be getting harder for me to stock hunt since I’ve taken up much more responsibilities in my job currently. In the next four months, I will be travelling to multiple countries for various work activities and our upcoming Taiwan trip. I still haven’t caught up with the lack of sleep I’ve gotten from the previous two trips I had in July! T_T

I also recently realized that I have 4000+ air miles expiring in September. That’s a good $60 almost down the drain if I didn’t log in to my Krisflyer account, and Miss Niao will never let that go to waste.

So I went to search how I can preserve these miles, ideally without having to pay for anything. Unfortunately, the closest that I could find was to forego 1200 air miles and extend the expiry period for another 6 months, or pay 16 bucks.

What! 6 months is not long enough! I might as well plan another trip since we were already planning for a big one at the end of next year. Europe it is with BF.

Or maybe a short BKK trip? To be continued…

Thanks for reading!

Miss Niao xoxo.

Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @ missniao.wordpress.com! :)

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