6D5N Yogyakarta Hiking Trip On A Budget – Day 5 & Expenses (Part 3)

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Part 2: Goa Jomblang (Heaven’s light), Goa Pindul (Cave tubing)

Part 3: Borobodur Temple, Nglinggo Tea Plantation, House of Ramiten, Malioboro Street

We’re down to the last day of my Yogyakarta trip before we fly back to our sunny island the next day. Here’s Day 5 of my trip and my activities for the day. I’ll also be posting my itinerary details and expenses breakdown at the end of my post. If you want me to show you the money right now, click here!

Day 5

We woke up super super early at 3am to leave our hotel and headed to Borododur temple. When we reached there, our driver had already bought the tickets for us. It was still pitch black and we had to carry a torch while walking up knee-high steps to the top of the temple.

Catching the sunrise has been a thing for our Yogyakarta trip, and we were expecting this adventure to be a decent one. However, our efforts to go there sleep deprived almost went to naught when we reached the top of the temple.

Mountain People Mountain Sea

How to see sunrise with so many people around? When we try to position ourselves at a place with a good view, some other tourists will inch in closer and squeeze in front of us to get the same piece of action.

Eventually we gave up and went around the temple to see the engravings on the temple. Also took some wide angle shots at the bottom.

Borododur temple

The ticket is pretty pricey @ Rp. 450,000 (~S$45) considering that there wasn’t much to do at the temple. There is also no guide there to tell you about the history of the temple nor to explain the significance of the engravings. You have to do your own exploration.

After visiting the temple, we had to follow a path that will lead us to a restaurant near the entrance to have some local light snacks like fried banana (Goreng Pisang) and some tea/coffee.

Despite having a number 2 ranking on “Things to do” in Central Java, I suggest that you skip this destination.

Alternatively, if you are travelling with a LOCAL, then get them to buy the tickets for you from the counter and they will cost a mere Rp. 50,000~60,000 (S$5~6). I have checked this with one of my friends. Yes, being a tourist means you have to make a premium price for legal daylight robbery.

After visiting Borobodur temple, we went to Nglinggo Tea Plantation which was about 1.5 hours away. On the way there, our driver helped us to buy some Tahu Goreng (Fried Tofu) from one of the street stalls.

It was really awesome indeed! Freshly deep fried from the wok. The tahu is also of a different variety, with some meat and vegetables mixed into the center of the tahu.

Fried goodness!

And here we are – Nglinggo Tea Plantation! Entrance fee only Rp. 5000 (~S$5).

Nglinggo Tea Plantation
Rows of organic tea

There was some stalls on the sidewalk selling dried tea leaves that were harvested from the plantation. Tasted like our normal kopitiam tea, but I bought 2 packets at Rp. 10000 (~S$1) each for my occasional office drink.

Lunch next and we went back to the hotel to meet up with two of my friends who couldn’t wake up in time for our Borodobur Temple visit. We ate at this atas place called House of Ramiten that we found on Tripadvisor. Their menu mainly consists of local food from Jojya! Considering that we were tourists, the food was still considered affordable to us for such a wide spread at Rp. 150,000 per pax (~S$15).


Finally, we had time for legit shopping and dinner at Malioboro street. This auntie takes popiah to another whole new level.


Her stall is just right outside Malioboro Mall. When we were there, there was a small queue but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Popiah in the making
Awesome fried popiah!

How does pigeon sound? Anyone?

Pigeon meat for you?
Or perhaps Kepitung (crab)?

The pigeon tasted very much like duck meat. Give it a try when you’re there!

And I’m finally done with my travelogue for Yogyakarta! Phew! Expenses down below to the best of my memories! >_<!

Here’s a condensed version of my entire itinerary:

6D5N Yogyakarta Trip Itinerary


Day 1

Arrival @ Yogyakarta @ 12.25pm (Delay ~2pm)

Sightseeing @ Malioboro Street

Dinner @ Superman Restaurant

Day 2

Head to Mount Merbabu Base Camp via Suwanting route

First day hiking:*

Base Camp –> Pos 1 (1.5 hours)

Pos 1 –> Pos 2 (3 hours)

Pos 2 –> Pos 3 (5 hours)

Reach camp site at 5.30pm, have dinner and sleep

Day 3

Second day hiking:*

Camp site –> Summit (4 hours)

Summit –> Base camp via Selo route

Dinner at Hotel’s restaurant

*Hiking duration is very dependent on individual’s fitness level. We look a lot more time than planned. Do your own training first!

Day 4

Visit Heaven’s Light @ Goa Jomblang

Cave tubing @ Goa Pindul

Dinner with our driver (Chicken/Mutton Sate, Terang Bulan, Tahu Goreng)

Day 5

Sunrise at Borobodur Temple

Visit to Nglinggo Tea Plantation

Lunch at The House of Raminten

Shopping and Dinner @ Malioboro Street (Street food)

Day 6

Arrival at Singapore @ 11am

6D5N Yogyakarta Trip Expenses

Based on 1 SGD = 10K Rupiah


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Part 1: Arrival @ Yogyakarta, Dinner @ Superman Restaurant, 2D1N Hiking

Part 2: Goa Jomblang (Heaven’s light), Goa Pindul (Cave tubing)

Part 3: Borobodur Temple, Nglinggo Tea Plantation, House of Ramiten, Malioboro Street

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