September 2018 – Portfolio (and Personal) Updates

Two more months before the year comes to an end, and I’ll officially be 28. I try to keep my blog posts mostly related to my investment journey, but there’s always some random (and more personal) stuff that goes on in my life which is still pretty blog worthy, so I talk about them to express myself. And perhaps allow my rantings in my writings to come through to others who are feeling the same way.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been trying to please others since forever? Wanting to agree and compromise, and accept the other person for who they are. Be it if they are your spouse, friend or colleague.

There is always some event in life where you have to do something you don’t want to, because you think it’ll make the world a better place.

And even after trying your best to put on a smile and tell yourself that everything is alright, everything still comes back wrong to you. And you can’t help but think if you’re just a shitty person.

And the reality is, maybe you really are a shitty person. While every one else has a perfect “something”.

And it had finally came to a point where you shouldn’t care about the rest of the world anymore, simply because even if you care, you’re still going to be shitty. Things are going to be shitty once it hits the fan.

Well, my confession here is that I’m that shitty person. I have submitted to the fact that things are going to be a huge dump of poop eventually if it’s attached to me.

But it’s how I choose to deal with all this fly-attracting poop that makes me who I should be.

I can either think horribly about the world and blame everyone else, or reflect upon myself to understand myself better.

And I’d choose the latter over any shitty thing that happens.

Because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t want to be an investor either.

I think an investor has to be positive, and believe that there is a brighter future out there in the world, simply because she is investing in a company which has to be capable of earning better and becoming stronger as time goes by.

And in a way, that positivism can thus be translated into her decision making in being a shareholder – or not.

Of course, overconfidence comes in as another topic of investing. But that aside, it’s how the investor looks at the company in terms of their profit generation, management and whatever she deems that can bring it to greater heights.

In turn, she might also want to adopt these traits of the company as part of her personality in order to succeed the same way, and continuously make good judgement of other companies.

It’s a cycle of continuous improvement.

And hopefully, I have reflected these decisions in my portfolio.

See more of my portfolio here

Time weighted return: -3% against -1.33% (STI ETF)

XIRR: -3.69%

As you can see, my returns are still negative as compared to the bullish trend of the stock market in 2017. Since the beginning of the year, I have only managed to perform 3 buy trades and 1 sell trade.


I can’t find a very good deal in the market that made me go like WTF. Either that, or I’m not searching hard enough.

I think it’s more of the latter.

British American Tobacco (LSE:BATS)

Other than my buy in AEM, I forgot to mention that I’ve entered a small position with BATS last month. With their (not so) recent acquisition of Reynolds and a market leader in the tobacco business (runner-up behind Phillips Morris), the drop in their share price has enticed me to take a look at their numbers.

This is my first overseas stock, by the way. And also the biggest market cap stock that I’ve bought so far. As you can tell from the rest of my portfolio that is in SGX, I am a fan of net-nets, and that’s not going to change as long as I have my small numbers.

BATS gives out quarterly dividends and I’ll have to track this stock separately in my personal portfolio as StocksCafe does not have LSE integrated yet.

Anyway, like always, I’ll find time and do an analysis on this stock in one of my upcoming posts.

Warchest stock up

With my very unactive stance with Mr. Market (we’ve decided to go on a break), I have my funds stocking up in my DBS Multiplier. As always, too much cash can also be a pain in the ass because I need to think of another way to deploy these funds to maximize my returns.

So I did two things.

  1. Add it to my emergency funds, as I have took up the responsibility to provide for my brother’s university education of about $35k for the next 3 years. I’m praying hard that he graduates.
  2. Keep it in my warchest, in the event when the WTF moment comes.

Where is part of my warchest at the moment, then?

I’ve been actively buying SSBs for the past 4 months so that I can tie it to my DBS Multiplier account to hit the “Investment” criteria in the next 2 months. It’s kinda like a “hack” to earning higher interest in your account, and I’m blogging this in risk of exposing this and DBS changing the T&Cs.

In the meantime, you can thank me. Or if you’ve read this on some other website. I’m pretty sure that there are more financially savvy people that talked about this already.

Dividends Update

Since most of my stock’s XD was in August, there was really only Tat Seng Packaging that went XD this month. Also, there is no stock that I hold that will be going XD next month. It’s gonna be a lonely dividend month in October. xD


Not too bad eh? Enough to fund for my Taiwan trip expenses for 3. I’m flying off this Friday!

Till next time!

Miss Niao xoxo.

Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @! :)

8 thoughts on “September 2018 – Portfolio (and Personal) Updates”

  1. Hey hello Miss Niao!

    Noticed that your self-reflection seems a tad melancholic. Hope everything is fine! Whatever it is that you are going through, know that this too shall pass.

    Anyway, congrats on your maiden venture overseas and enjoy your Taiwan trip! =)


    1. Hello TBWP,
      Yeap I’m actually going through some stuff in my life but everything’s fine! Just random thoughts that I put in my blog once in awhile.
      Thank you! I’ll drop by your blog too to read about your journey.


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