October 2018 – Portfolio Updates

So 11.11 happened over the weekend and usually I’ll be stuck in front of my PC trying to find good deals. For this year though, I didn’t buy a single thing nor went to any website to look for something, for the sake of buying something. It just felt like I didn’t need anything, and I am thinking if it’s related to my minimalistic approach to stuff now.

The cycle goes something like this. The less I purchase, the more I know what I need, and I can be selective with my money. And being a natural cheapskate towards myself, it is easy to say “no” when it comes to unnecessary evil.

In fact, I don’t even shop all that more when I’m overseas.

Well, alright. Perhaps I am guilty of some splurges on food and anything that costs <$20 but costs >$20 in Singapore.

But mainly food being my weakness. I can’t control eating. Food is always going to be my comfort.

Which is why it also takes up 17.28% of my expenses. Yum.

It is surprising though, that I do not have any F&B related stocks in my portfolio. I should look into that so that every time I dine, I think of the potential dividends that I can collect to reimburse for my meal.

And when the opportunity comes, I will not sit on the sidelines.

New Portfolio Updates

This portfolio update is a little different from the other months because I have removed some REITs as they are not originally in my ownership. And thus, my portfolio was somehow boosted in advantage to the falling STI in the past month.

Some stats that I put religiously for every portfolio update, with credits again to StocksCafe:

Time-Weighted Returns: -0.28% against -6.27% (STI ETF)

XIRR: -0.35% for Y2018

As you can see, CDG is red again in my portfolio but undeterred to lose by just 0.3% (including dividends) before going up the green again.

The biggest change, and probably the most volatile stock in my portfolio is AEM which has shot up again to be $0.9x, when just a few months ago it actually hit $1. Anyway, AEM is going XD in the end of November supposedly via predictions, and in terms of margin of safety, it is still a tad far away from my target price of $1.13. Still, this is just a ballpark figure because it depends on many other factors.

I would say that my portfolio is doing fine with a 5% lead compared to the STI ETF, but of course overall I am pretty much where I started last year.

I am still waiting for opportunities. I haven’t bought a stock since August! I’m starting to think if my portfolio updates are getting boring…


Dividends wise, I missed out BATS going XD last month. Anyway, I have a very small amount of it but you will see later in the table as my October entry.

AIMSAMP went XD as of this date and I will collect $92.5 in December. Valuetronics has also crossed XD and based on my calculations of yearly dividends, this stock alone has given me a 6.1% dividend yield over the past year. That itself has been quite a good dividend stock considering that REITs could give a similar yield.

AEM is also predicted to go XD at the end of November, which I will duly update the new dividend yield and amount in the next portfolio update.

As with the edits to my portfolio, my dividend amounts have also changed accordingly. Here are the latest numbers:



I’ve got to admit that it’s pretty satisfying to see that I have collected dividends on almost every month except for March and possibly December, considering that I only have 6 stocks and 1 ETF.

What’s Next?

Same old same old. Stock up warchest and wait for opportunities. I’m getting kinda boring, aren’t I?

Miss Niao xoxo


Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @ missniao.wordpress.com! :)

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