Goals and Expenses Review – Q1 Y2019 (+ Free Template!)

It is time for my expenses review again for the first quarter of 2019. Also, I decided to make this year’s goals more visible by arranging them into a nice table. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make them easier to achieve, just visually more appealing. 😀

Goals review


I blogged about my financial and expenses goals and there are five particular goals that I wanted to strive for on my financial journey 2019. Miss Niao is not very big on labels like FIRE and Chanel bags but she only knows that her first ultimate goal is to get her passive income to exceed her expenses.

After working for more than half a decade and the recent appraisal I had with my boss, my mind is always flooded with my KPI goals and also how far I am to achieving them to get the eventual bonus payout. Well, just look at how applicable I am trying to do the same with my self audit. 😀

It is rather encouraging to look at my numbers this year. Since we are only in Q1, I made another column to annualize the numbers so that I can know whether or not I’ve been on track, or if I am falling short on any of the goals assuming that I kept to this numbers by the end of 2019. Though I strongly believe that I can keep up with the same performance for the next 9 months. I’m pretty much just reaching the bare minimum for all of my goals, except for the amount of dividends that I’ve collected.

Although annualized figures show me that I have a rise in dividends collected (+$1396.78), it is clearly not enough to reach the total goal of $4,500. I have to inject a lot more funds into my portfolio during the next 2 months because many of the stocks on my watch list are giving out dividends during this period of time. Then again, would they be already at the right price for purchase? I have to continue evaluating them…

Also, I do not invest heavily in high yield stocks such as REITs. My average dividend yield based on capital from 2018 is around 5.18%, where a single decent REIT can easily have a dividend yield of 6% or more. So I will have to search for good value stocks, and keeping high dividend payout as a second priority, but nevertheless not overlooked.

Expenses Review

Total damage (YTD): $4,958.46


AY2018 Expenses:


Q1 Y2019 Expenses:


Alright alright, I know I’ve kinda been socializing more. Entertainment and food expenses went up because I seldom bring my own lunch now and choose to eat out more often. A new Korean stall popped up nearby my office and how could you resist dining there with the complimentary roasted barley tea and hotplates full of BBQ meat? I know I couldn’t. 😉

Regarding my vacation expenses, I promised to reduce them and I don’t really have vacation plans for this year except maybe to go to a neighboring country in June. Travelling has become more like a chore to me than anything, and it’s no longer a “must” like before. Rather, I kinda enjoy having a warm cup of coffee with Netflix and some good company and binge watch Game of Thrones (yes Season 8 is finally here!!!). That’s my kind of weekend now.

Yet again I think my mum would beg to differ and will probably love having the option to travel for “free” with me. So the vacation expenses would probably go up next year instead. 😀

My Income/Expenses Template

Click here to view it in Google Sheets.

I finally got it up and running, and I’m very glad to be able to share this with my readers. You can finally access my expenses template by clicking here. It’s really the bare bones of any expense template that you can find on the internet, but I hope that its simplicity will actually motivate you to start tracking your expenses today.

Plus, follow the notes okay? Drop me a query @ my contact page if you have any questions.

Till the next portfolio update… which is soon!

Miss Niao xoxo


Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @ missniao.wordpress.com! :)

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