First of all, thank you for hanging out in this small space of my mind. I’m the ordinary next door girl with a secret yet bold alter ego, Miss Niao (in Hokkien dialect, niao means ‘penny pincher‘). I started this blog during my mid to late 20s while trying to find some form of self transformation to my financial life.

I am a proud Singaporean working as a female engineer in this complex world of technicalities, in both engineering and finance. I think that our lives could be more relatable than you know, but you’ve gotta stick around here long enough to know how similar we are. 😉

I am ultimately trying to achieve financial freedom before I hit the big 4. Ideally, have the choice to wake up everyday and watch Netflix on weekday mornings, instead of hearing an alarm that will dictate how the rest of my day will be.

With that, big goals comes with big plans. This blog helps to keep me on my track, and I hope it’ll help you to start your own journey towards financial freedom. 🙂

Please feel free to hit the “Contact” page if you need anything, and the “Follow” button on the side bar to get all the stuff that Miss Niao rants about – she’s chatty, but always manages to cook up some food for thought.

Wishing you the best!

Miss Niao xoxo