10 facts about me! I love point forms, they are so easy for the mind to digest.

1) I’m 27 this year.
2) I’m an Electrical Engineer! (you can trust me :p)
3) My blog’s link is Miss Niao because BF always says that I’m a penny pincher. I would prefer that I be addressed as “financially savvy”.
4) I am from Singapore, notably the most expensive country to live in for 4 consecutive years.
5) I love watching dramas and sleeping. If I could imagine myself retiring, it would be me lying on the bed/couch in front of a Smart TV (with good Internet access of course) watching Netflix the entire day. Lol.
6) I don’t like growing up. But I have to face reality one day. 😦
7) As you can tell, I am a lazy person. So I hope that one day, I can finally make my money work enough for me so that I have an option to not work altogether. 😛
8) I am a hard (and probably smart) worker. Or I would like to think so.
9) I used to blog during my teenage years, but that’s a story for another day.
10) My net worth as of 2017 is a low 6 figure. It ain’t much but it’s my starting point. I am recording this now for future reference.

Thank you for popping by!