November 2017 – Portfolio Updates

Since October, the STI ETF has increased 1.85% in performance. Similarly, my time weighted returns have increased by 2.33% to 13.66%, since G3B holds around 25% of my portfolio. I don’t know if it’s because of the bull market, but Keong Hong and Tat Seng Packaging are slowly revealing their intrinsic value, with both stocks rising very much in the past month as compared to Continue reading “November 2017 – Portfolio Updates”


Inspiring 26-year-old reader: It’s not important on how much we are given/have. But how we utilize our resources no matter how little, that is far more important.

Earlier this week, I received an email from a reader. This 26-year-old’s story is inspiring, and also led me to contemplate on my own life goals. I sought his permission to share his story here and believe that it would benefit other readers, both long time and new. Continue reading “Inspiring 26-year-old reader: It’s not important on how much we are given/have. But how we utilize our resources no matter how little, that is far more important.”

Property V.S. Stocks – Which has better returns?

As a millennial living with almost every one that I know trying to keep up with the Joneses, it’s not surprising to see some of my friends spending a hell lot to get their first home. The concept is drilled into their heads that property is 99.9999% of the time the best investment that they can make in their entire lives. In fact, the price that they are willing to pay is sometimes something that my alter ego of Miss Niao will never approve of. Continue reading “Property V.S. Stocks – Which has better returns?”

Comprehensive Breakdown to Insurance Plans – FREE spreadsheet!


I am not sure if it’s coincidental or not, but recently I have been receiving quite a few requests from my readers and friends for evaluation of their insurance plans. Some of them were directed from the story of my ILP which was posted on HWZ, while others chanced upon my blog. Perhaps it was because of the spreadsheets that I have uploaded.

I have reviewed the spreadsheets but there isn’t one that can help to calculated exactly how much your returns would be with insurance plans. To my surprise, there are many people who don’t know how the actual calculations are being done with their plans – they only know what is the projected amount that they would get at the end of it. Continue reading “Comprehensive Breakdown to Insurance Plans – FREE spreadsheet!”

October 2017 – Portfolio Updates

This post is way overdue, but still needed nonetheless. October was a decent month for both BF and my portfolio performances, and I am quite pleased with it, although not complacent. At the end of October, my time-weighted returns have reached 11.33% with an XIRR of 18.09%. Continue reading “October 2017 – Portfolio Updates”

How To Be Lucky In Life (and Create Your Own Luck)

I don’t meet new people everyday, but when I do, this is what happens. Conversation between me and new dude:

Me: Okay, nice meeting you! Hope to see you soon.

New Dude: Same to you! *wide smile*

After 10 minutes, I get a Whatsapp message from you-know-who…

New Dude: Hey, I can’t help put my finger on it but you remind me of an article that I’ve read recently.

Me: Ah, really? What is it? Continue reading “How To Be Lucky In Life (and Create Your Own Luck)”

Women Are Better Prepared for Retirement

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I was randomly scrolling through the CPF website yesterday and found something very interesting. They have recently performed a Trend Analysis of CPF members’ Balances based on Gender, and they did a comparison between the CPF balances of males and females and how the workforce has changed since 2006 till 2016.

If you look at modern society right now, it is not uncommon to find a dual-income household. Gone were the days of stereotypes when the man is assumed to be the sole breadwinner of the family and the woman has to cook and clean. Continue reading “Women Are Better Prepared for Retirement”