My lemonade stands

Having no background or knowledge in anything remotely close to the word “Finance”, it has never really stopped me from wanting to learn more about it. With the internet so heavily integrated into our daily lives, it is not difficult to learn an entirely new topic from scratch.

YouTube has always served as a powerful tool for me to gain knowledge. The above video was something that I have watched over the weekend and I am sure that it would be useful to beginners who want to know more about Fundamental Analysis. It was an engaging 44 minutes and I highly encourage anyone who is a literate idiot to finance, investing, or how a business operates to watch it.

This is what I’ve personally learnt from the video. Continue reading “My lemonade stands”

The value of the $300 blazer

Earlier this year, BF told me that he wanted to get a new blazer (his one and only, in fact) for himself. Since we were going to Bangkok for a short holiday, I suggested to him to get a tailored one there. In Singapore, if I did my research correctly, the price of a blazer can cost up to $1,200 at a decent tailor! That was way over his budget. I didn’t know what was the exact price to expect either if we were to buy the blazer at a tailor in Bangkok. In my mind, it would probably be cheaper than buying locally.

On the first day of our trip, we headed to a tailor near Asok area. It was a very nice and quiet place despite being in a busy centralized area. Continue reading “The value of the $300 blazer”