Should you invest in gold? Warren Buffett says “No”!

Last week, my driving instructor (yes, I’m learning driving!) asked me if I knew anything about buying gold. He said that he had some spare savings now and wanted to buy some gold since the prices for gold seem to be pretty low now.

Is it? I don’t know. He told me to try and find out more information for him. And so I did.

It brought me back to a few months ago when I saw one of my girlfriends posting on her Facebook wall with a few new gold bracelets that she bought. The description included was that since gold generally appreciates over time, buying now would be a good investment.

Upon more research, I’ve even found out that there are gold ETFs! So interesting. So technically speaking, you don’t have to own physical gold to own gold.

Wah, sounds good! Don’t even need to think of where to store your gold anymore. Use other people’s vaults lah! Hahaha…

Jokes aside, I did more “serious” research and found this on Youtube:

Looks like I won’t be buying and fondling gold anytime soon. Hehe. It also wouldn’t be able to help me build up the “income” part of my portfolio as commodity stocks do not provide any dividends (like duh).

Thanks for reading!

Miss Niao xoxo