Investing your CPF money, really?

There was a period of time earlier this year that I contemplated on using my CPF money to invest. I sought some advice from my financial adviser back then on how the process is like and what options were available. The idea of using money that has to be locked away for a long, long time and not having to consider much “risk” with using cash on hand was a tantalizing thought indeed.

But the idea didn’t last long with me. Continue reading “Investing your CPF money, really?”

The story of my Investment Linked Policy (ILP)

Okay, this is it.

It’s finally time for me to tell you the story of my Investment Linked Policy. After much procrastination (ever since I started this blog, in fact), I’m ready to face my mistakes and tell you guys about it.

I’ll show you the numbers, alright. I’ll tell you why it was a mistake and why I wouldn’t get one anymore.

But I’ll also tell you the benefits of having one. It’s not all 100% bad, although I’ve surpassed the stage where having an ILP benefits me. But it may benefit you, and you can decide if it’s suitable for you or not.

But nah, no more ILPs for me.

Here’s why. Continue reading “The story of my Investment Linked Policy (ILP)”