Shark Tank – How to be a great investor?

BF introduced me to a US reality TV show. Therefore now, I have a new addiction.

Wickedly Good Cupcakes! One of the most successful companies after Shark Tank. Even Christopher’s Chicken Rice Stall didn’t do this well :p

Breath analyzers made sharks go into frenzy, vying to get a piece of his business!

The concept of the show is simple. The tank usually contains five to six sharks, all mult-millionaires. They are like a panel of judges to individuals or groups of people who are new start-ups or budding entrepreneurs with a business model that could be a good investment for the sharks. Some of them come from crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

After making their pitch, the sharks will then decide if they are willing to invest in their company. Mind you, they really use money out of their own pockets. Continue reading “Shark Tank – How to be a great investor?”