Miss Niao is an “Investment Blogger”

So that’s what I’m supposed to call myself. :p

I’ve been receiving tons of traffic these couple of days. Mainly because Miss Niao is finally, finally indexed on TheFinance.sg (Thanks Derek!). Seedly has also published their featured post on Miss Niao two days ago. If you happened to originate from any of those sites, thank you very much for dropping by! I try to be as interesting as I can for all of you and I hope that whatever I am doing is working. 🙂 Continue reading “Miss Niao is an “Investment Blogger””

Happy Monthsary, Miss Niao!!!!

Hey guys!

Miss Niao turns 1 month old today! *throws confetti*

It just so happens that it coincides with a public holiday. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a celebratory sign. :p

I’m truly amazed at the progress of this blog. I’ve never imagined that I could attract so many views in just one month. I initially thought that I had to blog for at least 6 months to get decent viewership. It makes me wonder why I didn’t do this earlier. There are so many people to thank, especially all of my readers. ^_^

Here are some stats of the mini achievements that we have so far:

  1. Total hits of 8414 as of 25th June 2017 (can go buy 4D liao)
  2. Got indexed on StockCafe by Dr Evan Koh and SG Investment Bloggers by Royston Tan
  3. Gained 14 followers and linked up with other bloggers on the same scene (check out my blogroll for these amazing people!)

It may not be that much, but it means a whole lot to me.

I’m still trying to get hold of Derek from TheFinance.sg. Does anyone know him personally? I would love to work with him and get indexed on his site! Is anyone here able to help~? 😦

I still have a lot of content coming up and I hope that I’ll stay interesting still. If there are any topics that you would like me to blog about, just leave a comment or your contact! I get a lot of inspiration from my reader’s comments, other than stuff that happens in my daily life.

Miss Niao wouldn’t be possible without you guys! 🙂

And before I go,  Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to any Muslim readers out there!

P.S: I have recently faced some new job commitments so the daily posts wouldn’t be “daily” anymore, but I’ll still blog as often as I can throughout the week. Click the “Follow” button on the sidebar to get an email notification whenever a new post is published. Or you could just come by whenever possible! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Miss Niao xoxo.

StocksCafe – Your One-Stop Online Portfolio

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Good morning!

Today’s blog post will be a little special because I would like to do a feature on StocksCafe. I managed to get in touch with the owner of StocksCafe, Evan Koh as he was looking to expand the reach of the website around Asia. I am glad to be part of the website’s blog index and I have been receiving new readers from StocksCafe ever since.

Before I started missniao.wordpress.com, I already had an account with StocksCafe which I use as a tool to track my portfolio. I have an offline one in Excel which does its basic job, but the prices of the stocks are not live and I have to manually update it to get the values that I want.

As I ventured further into investing, there are a lot more numbers that I need to keep track of. It is no longer just sufficient to look at the price of the stock because that doesn’t really serve much purpose to me. I was searching for online solutions and that was when I chanced upon StocksCafe which Hardwarezone and other finance bloggers have advertised on their websites.

There is a whole thread consisting of people using StocksCafe to compare their portfolios! My goodness. After looking at their achievements, it just makes me seem even smaller than before. O_O

Upon more exploration of the website, I realized that there are way more features than what I’ve been using it for. There is even a mini-game section which I personally find very interactive. ^_^ Although it has a simple interface and it is relatively user-friendly, I can see that a lot of time and effort was placed into this website. This was definitely not something that was built overnight. I wanted to know who was managing this site.

I thought I was going to find a team of software engineers who took turns to manage it.

But no. All I could find was Evan. And only Evan.

Wa, do you know his website is like a cool one? I use paper resume, he got website to show employer leh. The first thing I saw was a photo of a 帅哥 (handsome dude) with a nice smile hugging his dog.

So I scrolled down some more.

OMG. 帅哥 that holds a pH.D? So I cannot call him Evan Koh, must call him Dr. Evan Koh?! Know how to study, doesn’t look like a nerd, and super fit wor!

*BF pulls me back to reality*

Erherm… Right, where was I? Oh right, StocksCafe! I am actually still a free member of the website, because that’s all I really need for now. However, if you do intend to become Friends of StocksCafe, you get full access to a lot more features that are available.

If you have any questions about StocksCafe, just create your very own free account. Go to your messages from your profile and send it to the username, evankoh. He is quick to reply and is very helpful. Plus, you get a chance to talk to an attractive guy, what’s the worst that could happen? 😉

Thank you Evan, once again! Hope you get a chance to read this post. 😉

And like always, thank you for reading!

Miss Niao xoxo

The first milestone for Miss Niao – A BIG THANK YOU!

Hello everyone!

This is a special additional blog post to my daily entries. And it’s for all of my readers.

Miss Niao has garnered more than 500 views overnight!!!!

Here are the stats of my blog.


I was elated that my blog post about Richmond could be interesting and many of you could relate as you personally knew someone like him in your own offices.

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Kyith from Investment Moats. I am an avid reader of his blog as he has achieved so much. As I’ve linked him to one of my blog post, he managed to find my blog and publicized it on a Facebook group called BIGS World – Build Wealth, Live a Good Life. I’ve opening a new blogroll widget on my sidebar to a link to his blog. Check him out if you don’t already know him! 🙂

I hope to continue blogging to be useful to you guys. I’ve actually scheduled my blog posts to be published every day at 10am (GMT +8) so please come everyday to gain more insight about investing, retirement and my life. ^_^

I strongly believe in personal development too. Please leave a comment if you think I can improve my blog in any way. I’ll do my best!

This progress means a lot more to me than you know. 🙂

With sincere thanks,

Miss Niao xoxo.