Miss Niao is an “Investment Blogger”

So that’s what I’m supposed to call myself. :p

I’ve been receiving tons of traffic these couple of days. Mainly because Miss Niao is finally, finally indexed on TheFinance.sg (Thanks Derek!). Seedly has also published their featured post on Miss Niao two days ago. If you happened to originate from any of those sites, thank you very much for dropping by! I try to be as interesting as I can for all of you and I hope that whatever I am doing is working. 🙂 Continue reading “Miss Niao is an “Investment Blogger””


Shark Tank – How to be a great investor?

BF introduced me to a US reality TV show. Therefore now, I have a new addiction.

Wickedly Good Cupcakes! One of the most successful companies after Shark Tank. Even Christopher’s Chicken Rice Stall didn’t do this well :p

Breath analyzers made sharks go into frenzy, vying to get a piece of his business!

The concept of the show is simple. The tank usually contains five to six sharks, all mult-millionaires. They are like a panel of judges to individuals or groups of people who are new start-ups or budding entrepreneurs with a business model that could be a good investment for the sharks. Some of them come from crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

After making their pitch, the sharks will then decide if they are willing to invest in their company. Mind you, they really use money out of their own pockets. Continue reading “Shark Tank – How to be a great investor?”

19-year-old Singaporean Investor – Tips for Young Investors

Quite frequently in the recent weeks, I have been receiving emails from my readers. It is heart warming to see that Miss Niao’s readership has grown substantially and that there are people out there who find my blog posts beneficial.

One of them is a 19-year-old engineering student that goes by the alias, Sleepy Devil (SD for short). I’m just going to have to call him/her this until he/she reveals a more appropriate name. And let’s just assume that SD is male.

What’s so special about him then, to have been able to gain a feature on Miss Niao? Continue reading “19-year-old Singaporean Investor – Tips for Young Investors”

$800k HDB apartment for 8k monthly income?

I attended a gathering with some of my friends last week. It has been some time since we last met and updated ourselves with the happenings in our lives and other mutual friends. I was utterly surprised to find out that one of my friends who was getting married very soon bought a resale HDB flat for $800k+.

I had to be conscious enough to make sure that my jaw didn’t drop to the floor. So was the same initial reaction of the person who told me this piece of news. Continue reading “$800k HDB apartment for 8k monthly income?”

I missed Game of Thrones Episode One :(

Hey people!

Miss Niao will be taking a short break from blogging because I’ll be on holiday next week :p I initially had an upcoming post but couldn’t make it on time to publish it. Life has been pretty hectic recently with the transition of my new job and I only packed my luggage at midnight of my departure date. :/

In case you’re wondering, I’m actually going budget traveling on land from Singapore to Thailand. I promise to blog about my travels (and expenditures of course) when I’m back.

Also, I feel damn emo because I didn’t even manage to squeeze out time to watch Game of Thrones. Damn! I’ve been avoiding all kinds of social media and news websites about the show so please please please don’t post any spoilers or I’ll ban you from my website 😦

Take care and I’ll see you guys next week! Muacks muacks muacks.

Loads of love,

Miss Niao xoxo

The Looming Clouds of Retrenchment – Are you ready?

A close colleague of mine told me recently that one of the Multi-National Companies has closed down an entire department. She used to be working there so many of her ex-colleagues are now looking for a new job. I have also been reading Unintelligent Nerd’s blog and it appears that his current employment is unable to offer job stability despite being in an 铁饭碗 or “iron-rice bowl” (which practically means close-to-zero chances of closing down) organization :O.

It is very upsetting to me because sometimes in life, such things aren’t within much of your control. Sometimes, taking away a job from someone is almost equivalent to taking away his life. Not every one is lucky enough to pursue a degree. Not every one is lucky enough to be debt-free when they graduate. And most importantly, not every one is lucky enough to be in good health to find a new job.

It is unfortunate that news like this is unsurprising to me. Continue reading “The Looming Clouds of Retrenchment – Are you ready?”

It’s okay to say “No”

2016 was pretty rough for me. I was unmotivated in my life. Both my career and personal life wasn’t going as ideal as I’ve wanted it to. There were many days where I would just drag myself to work, because I needed to work, and not because I enjoyed doing what I was doing.

I’m sure you’ve been there before, especially if you’re working for someone else. Continue reading “It’s okay to say “No””