When I tell people I’m an investor… (The concept of Margin of Safety)

Sometimes, I don’t know if it is a good thing to tell people that I am invested in the stock market. It is a dilemma because I don’t quite like all the responses that I am getting from the other party.

Friend A: “Wow really ah?! How much you earn already? Can buy car?”

Friend B: “My auntie’s uncle’s son is insurance agent then he/she also do this one. Very rich now already!”

Friend C: “Thanks for telling me! Can tell me what stocks to buy or not?” Continue reading “When I tell people I’m an investor… (The concept of Margin of Safety)”

Shark Tank – How to be a great investor?

BF introduced me to a US reality TV show. Therefore now, I have a new addiction.

Wickedly Good Cupcakes! One of the most successful companies after Shark Tank. Even Christopher’s Chicken Rice Stall didn’t do this well :p

Breath analyzers made sharks go into frenzy, vying to get a piece of his business!

The concept of the show is simple. The tank usually contains five to six sharks, all mult-millionaires. They are like a panel of judges to individuals or groups of people who are new start-ups or budding entrepreneurs with a business model that could be a good investment for the sharks. Some of them come from crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

After making their pitch, the sharks will then decide if they are willing to invest in their company. Mind you, they really use money out of their own pockets. Continue reading “Shark Tank – How to be a great investor?”

ComfortDelgro stock price rises by 8.76% – BIG announcement

I have some good news to share.

Wait for it…

I passed my driving test!!! On the first attempt! How lucky I was to get a nice Traffic Police. Phew. I’m glad that’s over.

Oh wait, okay. I’m sorry. Perhaps this wasn’t something you wanted to hear. :p

Let’s go ahead with the REAL announcement.

While heading back home after my driving test, I opened the “My SGX” app to check on the latest stock prices. That was when I saw a big increase for ComfortDelgro’s stock price.

How much increase did I observe? Continue reading “ComfortDelgro stock price rises by 8.76% – BIG announcement”

19-year-old Singaporean Investor – Tips for Young Investors

Quite frequently in the recent weeks, I have been receiving emails from my readers. It is heart warming to see that Miss Niao’s readership has grown substantially and that there are people out there who find my blog posts beneficial.

One of them is a 19-year-old engineering student that goes by the alias, Sleepy Devil (SD for short). I’m just going to have to call him/her this until he/she reveals a more appropriate name. And let’s just assume that SD is male.

What’s so special about him then, to have been able to gain a feature on Miss Niao? Continue reading “19-year-old Singaporean Investor – Tips for Young Investors”

The story of my Investment Linked Policy (ILP)

Okay, this is it.

It’s finally time for me to tell you the story of my Investment Linked Policy. After much procrastination (ever since I started this blog, in fact), I’m ready to face my mistakes and tell you guys about it.

I’ll show you the numbers, alright. I’ll tell you why it was a mistake and why I wouldn’t get one anymore.

But I’ll also tell you the benefits of having one. It’s not all 100% bad, although I’ve surpassed the stage where having an ILP benefits me. But it may benefit you, and you can decide if it’s suitable for you or not.

But nah, no more ILPs for me.

Here’s why. Continue reading “The story of my Investment Linked Policy (ILP)”

ComfortDelgro – 2Q/1H 2017 Financial Results Analysis

With the recent release of ComfortDelgro 2nd Quarter financial results for 2017 on 11th August 2017, I saw a lot of brackets. Brackets, as you know, represents a decline in financial status as compared to the previous year’s results, and can have a negative or positive effect.

I would not say that this is their best performing quarter. In fact, many of their business segments have reported a decline in revenue except for their Public Transport and Driving Centre Services. Continue reading “ComfortDelgro – 2Q/1H 2017 Financial Results Analysis”

Book Review: A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel

I have just finished reading A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel. This time, I borrowed the book free from National Library Board! Woohoo! It was actually by chance that I picked up this book. I remember going to the library just half an hour before their closing time and just randomly picked this book in a hurry. I guess it is just fate that I had to read this book. :p

Through this experience though, I realized that NLB has quite a good selection of books! It would be one of my frequent hangouts from now on. ^_^

I actually learned quite a lot from Random Walk. The content is pretty comprehensive and offers a similar vibe to The Intelligent Investor, although it is slightly more optimistic. The book consists of quite a few chapters which would be good in explaining certain key concepts. Just to name a few: Continue reading “Book Review: A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel”

Cheap and Good – 5 Money saving tips for Malaysia/Thailand trips

In continuation to my previous post on my travels from Singapore to Thailand by land, I’ve decided to also blog about some money saving tips that I found out by accident during my vacation while they are still fresh in my memory. This feeling is a bitter sweet one because it made me realize how much money I have “lost” during my previous travels to Malaysia and Bangkok.

Oh well, I guess it’s never too late, only later. >_<

Anyway, since this trip isn’t a conventional one as I traveled by land and it was also my first time visiting Ipoh, it offered me different alternatives on how to get what I need as compared to arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Counting the number of actual hours of traveling, it amounted to almost 30 hours! Phew! Continue reading “Cheap and Good – 5 Money saving tips for Malaysia/Thailand trips”

$800k HDB apartment for 8k monthly income?

I attended a gathering with some of my friends last week. It has been some time since we last met and updated ourselves with the happenings in our lives and other mutual friends. I was utterly surprised to find out that one of my friends who was getting married very soon bought a resale HDB flat for $800k+.

I had to be conscious enough to make sure that my jaw didn’t drop to the floor. So was the same initial reaction of the person who told me this piece of news. Continue reading “$800k HDB apartment for 8k monthly income?”

Investing in ComfortDelgro is a mistake?

Just recently, I bought some shares in ComfortDelgro and also shared that in my portfolio updates for July 2017. I have signed up for the Technical Events alerts under my POEMs account. Everyday, they will send a list of stocks that are either “bearish” or “bullish” after going through some form of automated technical analysis called Chartwhiz. Not that I am actually interested in the analysis itself, but because I am still new in the stock market so I get exposed to the different stocks and their names.

It just so happened that ComfortDelgro appeared in the “bearish” section a couple of times. Continue reading “Investing in ComfortDelgro is a mistake?”