2017 Portfolio Updates

Finally! The last day of SGX was yesterday and I have my stats ready from StocksCafe on my portfolio performance. Now, it is my greatest pleasure to announce that my portfolio has beaten the market, but only by a small margin.

If you’ve been following my previous portfolio updates, you would have known that I had reported in my November updates that my time weighted returns were 13.66%. Well that number has increased to 14.56% over the past month. However, I have to apologize to anyone who thought that I was an awesome investor because these numbers do not reflect the true returns, as they are seemingly inflated due to my holdings for Nikko AM STI ETF (G3B). I have added my transactions for this ETF in May, and therefore the annualized returns were calculated for 7 months at most, when the actual returns should be calculated over a 1 year 9 month period.

Plus, it doesn’t make sense for me to include my returns of Nikko AM STI ETF into my total portfolio returns, since I was trying to beat the market.

So for today’s post, I have placed all my other holdings in a separate portfolio, since StocksCafe does the calculations for different portfolios (hurray!) and it’s perfect for lazy bums like me.

Okay, sooooo exactly how much are my returns?

Total time-weighted returns including dividends received are 9.71% against 6.37% on the STI ETF. Just shy of the 10% mark, but I am satisfied enough. XIRR stands at 15.59%.


The real graph

If you’ve seen the last part of the graph, it shows that my returns have shot up by 2.7% over the last trading week of 2017. I must have been God damn lucky. What happened around this point is that I bought some units of Indofood Agri (5JS) and the price increased by 5.23% almost immediately after I bought it. It was my first time doing net-net analysis for this stock and I realized that at the price of $0.37 that I’ve bought this business for was a fair one.

And which is also why you see a steep increase in my portfolio value about two weeks ago.

Right now, Indofood Agri takes up 24.86% of my portfolio, and I’ve concentrated quite a sum of money into it at this moment.

Analysis on this stock? Perhaps if a reader requests for it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t blog about it since my buy is ready proof.

Other stock analysis on my blog: Keong Hong and Tat Seng Packaging.

What about my other holdings?

Well, they look something like this


Credits to StockCafe… again.

All greeeeeeen except for a paper loss on AA REIT (but green after considering distributions) and CDG.

Dayums. I love green. It’s my new favourite colour. 🙂

As for CDG, I was hoping that prices would drop further, but it would seem that it is recovering ever since the alliance with Uber went through. Not only that, there are also a lot of other financial bloggers who have bought CDG because of its decline. I guess my only action now is to wait. They still give out a decent dividend yield anyway, so patience, I must have. Either way it goes, it’s going to be advantageous for me.

Speaking about dividends, total dividends collected for 2017 stays the same at $667.07. The projected dividends in 2018 is $2,593.96 (and amounts to monthly dividends of $235.81) should we not buy any more stocks and if all the payouts stay the same as 2017. It wouldn’t exactly be this number but it’s a good gauge to know how much passive income we can be expecting.

Boyfriend has been happy with the quarterly payouts that he’s been getting with the REITs and told me that he wanted to invest more next year. I told him that this would be the safest way to get passive income without having to fork out much capital (apart from starting any form of business) and I’m doing all the work anyways, so all he needs to do is just to place his faith in me. :p I’m glad that he does and I will work (and find harder) in 2018 to beat the market once again.

TBH, I’ve been really lucky this year. Even though I started my investing journey when the market wasn’t at its low, but I still managed to pull through. However, I don’t know how long can all my holdings stay green. I am sure that there would be some point in time when I have to face having not so pleasant returns, but I will try to prepare myself mentally for it and not commit any emotional mistakes, and lessons learnt from 2017.

Alright, it’s back to stock hunting and I’ll prolly do another post to review my financial goals, and maybe a net worth update. Stay tuned, and enjoy the holidays peeps! Heppi new yearz!

And like always, thanks for reading! 😉

Miss Niao xoxoxoxo.


Author: Miss Niao

Hello! I blog about financial matters and things that average people can do to have a better retirement. I want to inspire people to take control of their money and have a better understanding about it. If you are interested to know more, follow me @ missniao.wordpress.com! :)

16 thoughts on “2017 Portfolio Updates”

  1. Congratulations. Very well done! Very happy for you. Hope this will inspire you to continue the hard work ( yes it’s hard work for people who are not aware) and get new learning.
    Indeed, many people are not feeling optimistic for the stock market in 2018. Well, I remembered it was all gloom and doom too when people spoke about 2017 last year. No one has the crystal ball. So it’s anyone’s guess.
    Just stay the course and invest regularly and through the cycles, you will do alright ( ah, yes it depends on your investment objectives, mine is just to get 5% gain from dividend and capital gain).
    Good luck to you and Wishing you and family a prosperous and Happy New Year. Stay in touch!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Their guess is as good as mine. We wouldn’t be able to predict what can happen in 2018, but we have to always be prepared for anything that might happen. Yes, investment objectives are very important!
      You too! Happy new year to you and your loved ones. ^_^v

      Liked by 1 person

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